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This item is a PDF plan for a modular mobile small parts rack designed to fit 13 Stanley 014725 25-Removable Compartment Professional Organizer and 2 Stanley 10 Removable Bin Compartment Deep Professional Organizers.

The inspiration for this plan was Adam Savage’s tool box video entitled “Inside Adam Savage’s Cave: The Tool Boxes“.

This cart uses simple drawers to make it very easy to find whatever you are looking for.

In fact this is a upgrade over the much more expensive Sortimo system due to the fact that you do not need to remove each organizer in order to access the bins. Simply pull out the drawer using the handle of the organizer open and retrieve your part.

Its very fast and inherently easy to organize.

Materials needed are 2 sheets of plywood (one ¾” one ½”) some scrap hardwood for trim and 4 heavy duty castors.

The Stanley bins are relatively inexpensive ($12 USD and $17 on Amazon) considering the storage value and time saved looking around for that one screw.

With all organizers in place this creates 345 removable bins on 15 drawers. This is huge amount of storage in a very small compact space.

End your frustration of trying to find that one screw you need and build a future proof final solution to your small parts and fastener mess.

The PDF contains all necessary dimensions to build this item including photos of the prototype that I built.

Cost is $4.00 to purchase please go to my etsy listing.

If you would the plans free send me a email.